Waxxi’s Inaugural Interactive Podcast

For the last 2 hours, I have been munching on some chippies, drinking a cup of coffee, watching my boyfriend float around the room and conversing with Shel Isreal and Robert Scoble, authors of Naked Conversations. They are not sitting in my kitchen with me though. I have been communicating with them on Waxxi's, inaugural interactive podcast. Podcast wil be available on their site after the show.

Interactive podcast? It is mix of talk radio and podcasting. I was participating in the gabby IM talk, while questions came in to them via email and private IM. The topic: Business Blogging

My Takeaways:
As a Marketer: The sender no longer has the power.
Tech Stuff: There is a new distribution for video. You can now talk to people globally who share your same passions.
Business Beware: You need to capture blogging or you will become the age of the dinosaur.

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